Friday, November 1, 2013

Debs Day One

This is my official November 1, 2013 weigh in. 180.2 lbs.

For this week Julie challenged me to eat one large serving of veggies a day. Yes, I know that this is WAY below what I should be eating, but I DONT LIKE VEGGIES!! Stamping my foot in a temper tantrum!! I try to eat a salad every day, but they seem to be getting smaller!!

I took some Romaine lettuce, washed it, and spun it dry. Then I took some peppers, I heard a rumor that the yellow and red were sweeter than the green. I shopped them up in a food processor. Then I did the same with radishes. I do like these!! Especially when I dip them in a pile of salt. (Yes I know, not good!) I also am ok with carrots. I  processed them too. Then I put it all together. Added one teaspoon (NOT tablespoon) of dressing. I havent found a dressing Im fond of yet. So for now I use Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Im also doing a plank a day with Shrinking Jeans. Today was 20 seconds. I did several different poses for 20 seconds and a 2 mile run. 


  1. You did awesome for day 1. I am so proud of you and that scale, it didn't scream at all compared to mine. I'll get to your scale weight one day early next year and by than you'll be at the weight I want to be but hey, we're doing it and it'll be good.
    Keep up the great work Deb and have an awesome weekend.

  2. Costco sells a balsamic vinaigrette that is probably the best one I've tried. I used to gag through the Paul Newman one, until I discovered this one. It has a sweet taste, so I use just a little and then add vinegar. I wonder how much the ankle friendship bracelet weighs ;) Maybe the scale would have read 180? Maybe not.