Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh goody….the start of my 5k’s for the year … well 10 of them here…and…

Kyra is awesome. She has set up a 5k challenge for the full year. We start in March (gives us time to work up to starting) and go through the full year. There’s friendships to be made, support to be giving and gotten, there’s prizes and the fact that you can walk/jog/run any of these races so anyone can do them. I’m excited. I hope you’ll take the time to check out Kyra’s blog and sign up (just click on the picture and it’ll take you right to the post for this).

Here’s the weekends that are scheduled for the races…

  1. March 22-23 
  2. April 26-27  (my 52nd birthday and our 34th wedding anniversary weekend)
  3. May 24-25
  4. June 21-22
  5. July 19-20
  6. August 23-24
  7. September 20-21
  8. October 18-19
  9. November 22-23
  10. December 20-21

Let’s do this together.

What’s most excellent, I’m going to be signing up for a race here in Crosslake it’s the

And it will be just the weekend before the beginning of these races and a great start.

It’s just time to get back into the distant. I’ve been getting out and moving but it’s so cold here, today –35 when I went out but I did get out and moved my butt. Than I also shoveled 5 wheelbarrow loads of coal and hauled that back to the wood shed. There’s too much snow to bring the truck out back so each load has to be hand unloaded, 25 wheelbarrow loads full. I got started.

0127141005a 0110141544a

Okay, warm up coming so 5k training can start. At least something with some distants.

Okay, go now, look up Kyra and sign up for her races. Remember you can walk them if you want. A start, any start is good.

Blessings my friends!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Review

My week in review..............
Full of lots of excuses, a few reasons, and some tree tasting.

This past weekend my best friends daughter got married. Absolutely gorgeous wedding.  Every wedding I have ever been to has been very simple, nothing elaborate or elegant. WELL, this wedding was amazing!!!!
The outdoors brought inside. You can read a full post here.
Amber and I started at 8 AM on Saturday, and when we left at 3 PM, the big work was completed, but all the little details were still happening. She wanted a winter wonderland.

Last week I tried Spaghetti Squash. Didn't quite turn out like it hoped. BUT, I think it has potential and I will try it again.

I ate broccoli and celery and gagged!!! Why does it taste like Im eating trees, or grass, or some chlorophyll laden clump of nasty?  I did love the peanut butter that was on the celery, AND Im guessing the healthy of the celery was undone by the not so healthy of the peanut butter!! You can read more about that here.

To Donate
My daughter is preparing to leave me......... Shes going to be gone for 11 months on an amazing Mission Trip. We've been racking out brains for fundraisers!!! So far we've sold lots of cookies, and candy.  We've spring cleaned for someone. We are going to be having a breakfast for lunch meal after church one Sunday.  We are hoping to have a BINGO game night where people can win ThirtyOne bags and Tupperware. We are also hoping to have a virtual/real 5K later this spring. It all takes time, and organization!!
 I HATE to ask people for money!!! Here is part one
of her adventure. Part two will come next week!

OH YEAH, almost forgot to whine about my back. Two weeks ago at work I was lifting a box, and all the sudden I couldnt move! Thankfully, with a muscle relaxer and me NOT DOING ANYTHING strenuous or anything that slightly resembles exercise, its feeling better!! Every once in a while I feel a slight twinge. BUT, I was able to do some planks tonight and NOT feel like my breath was knocked out of me!! SO Friday I will try some running again!!! I am so very thankful it only lasted two weeks!! I know people who have been out of commission for a LONG time with back problems and I am very fortunate!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Up date…..


So it’s cold but what did I do? I went for a walk. Not a 3 miler but a good mile and a half and with the winter gear on it was a calorie burning walk. I have been trying to get out at least 3 times a week for some kind of walk. I have also been learning Zumba with my friend Kim. Oh my I don’t have rhythm but I’m trying. I think we spend more time laughing or yelling at the ladies on the DVD then getting our feet to do what they are teaching but I have felt each session in a different part of my body so I know that it’s working.

I stepped on the scale Friday and didn’t have a loss but I have decided not to fret about it because I know that I am keeping my calories in check, I know that I’m getting the exercise I need and I can feel the changes happening. My pants don’t squeeze me as much, my wedding ring moves on my finger and my face isn’t a puffy. So I’m doing it.

Last week Deb and I challenged each other to veggies daily. I didn’t find that hard at all because I love my veggies. I made homemade chicken veggie soup with tons of them. I have been cutting up broccoli, carrots, peppers and grape tomatoes almost nightly to have on a plate to munch on. I have almost cut out all extra sugar, I’m not perfect there but much better.

I’m still working on my 21 day challenge with Jill. My challenge was 21 days of tracking and menu planning. I am on day 19 days of tracking and other than it’s a bit boring I am doing it. I don’t really plan a menu like a week at a time. I do a day or two at a time and than in the morning track what I plan on eating and don’t change it once it’s down. I don’t always eat everything I’ve added but I’ve counted the calories anyways.


Well it’s onward and upwards (well downwards on the scale). I hope that all is well with you all. Take care and have an awesome week.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looks like pea soup….

Okay, I told you I’d make up a green smoothie. I looked all over the internet for recipes and there are thousands of them. So I just took this sheet

Create your own yummy green smoothie with this awesome chart that breaks it all down.    — and made up something from it, sorta.

Here’s my ingredients except didn’t need the unsweetened raspberry jam.


First the spinach.. 1cup 100_1355 than the almond milk...1 cup 100_1356 

and blend them up. 100_1357. My blender isn’t new by any means so wasn’t sure it could handle chopping up the carrots and apples and ice so used my handi dandi little chopper.  100_1358 100_1360 100_1361 100_1363 100_1366 100_1367.  I put all of this plus 3/4 cup banana100_1364 in the blender and let it go and go and go100_1365.  And out came this stuff that looks like pea soup. Now the big thing for me is the smell, if it smells off, bad, gross I won’t even try it. I can’t help that, it’s from driving truck for so many year and smelling my food to make sure it was editable.


It sorta tastes like it looks. Foamy, bubbly stuff. It doesn’t taste bad, it doesn’t taste wonderful but it’s palatable. It’s a bit gritty and sticks to the sides of the glass and it’s not cold enough. But I will keep trying because this experiment wasn’t horrible. I need to freeze my fruit, that would really help the coldness and I did read that many places. Maybe carrots aren’t the best veggie to add but I love carrots so maybe will chop them up finer and see. The banana over powers the apple but not by to much so maybe next time use different fruits if I have them. I always have apples and banana’s and in the freezer are lots of raspberries from last fall. Maybe grapes or oranges. I want this to be good for me, filling and taste good so will keep trying. This smoothie adds up to 248 calories for 20 oz. It has 52 carbs, 23 grams sugar and 11 grams of fiber. So a bit high in carbs and sugar but if it’s filling and can take the place of a meal then it will be just fine. 

So my very first ever green smoothie. You want to make up one and share?

Blessings my friends.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Found this at an antique shop yesterday….


I love it!!!

Have a great weekend. I am heading out the door to take the girls basketball team to Wadena. Go C-I Go!!!

Blessings my friend!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Been reading and wondering….

I hear, I read, I listen, I wonder….all about these green smoothies. Since I’m working on coming up with a good, repeatable menu plan I thought about giving this a try. I have to figure out the calories and such but I am betting having one of these when I get back from driving, the other 1/2 before I head back to driving and a good dinner I should survive. I have read about people being hungry a couple of hours later so someone said add a bit of extra protein. I know I like fruit smoothies but green ones …. I’m going to try. Want to try with me and than tell your thoughts?

 Create your own yummy green smoothie with this awesome chart that breaks it all down.    —


Monday, January 6, 2014

What’s in your fridge?


If it’s not there I won’t eat it. So far so good. Freezer is got nothing but frozen veggies, a turkey, a few chickens of mine, lots of jams and sauces all mine all low or no sugar, cupboards are another story except the stuff in them has to be prepared…nothing fast and easy. Getting there.

Menu planning (that’s the 1st change for Jill’s challenge). Eggs are on top of that list. As you can see on the bottom shelf it’s something I have lots of and they are fresh also. Going to thaw a chicken so can have that for a few meals and I have the veggies.

How’s your week going so far? I’ve logged in to myfitnesspal 3 days and started today’s. That’s the second change I made for challenges for Jill’s.

Walked 2/3 of a mile in 20 below zero weather last night and will do it again too but will make it a mile. Getting dressed in winter gear, walking and getting home not frozen is going to be enough outdoor activity today except for chores (the fire and chickens and goose). It’s still –20 and the wind chill is –44*.

Hope all is well my friends. Take care and enjoy your days.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Julie’s time to start …

I was going to type “yet again” but it doesn’t matter really that I’ve been on this journey a dozen times, it just matters that this is the last day 1. So today is the start of the end of my yo-yo dieting, my yo-yo eating, my yo-yo frame of mind. It’s just time to put the train on the tracks and head down the hill to healthiness. I know it’s possible because I was reading my journal for my 2010-2011 journey and I made it to a size 12 at 183.6 lbs and was happy there. I went lower but didn’t do it right and I knew even than that there was no way that was going to be my way of life so for this final journey I’m not shooting for the perfect anything. I just want to get back to 183.6 lbs, get into a size 12 and feel good about myself.

So today I step on the scale. I haven’t done anything since February on the diet front. I tried for a bit but with Cindy getting so sick all year and than passing away, with finding out my daddy isn’t going to know who we are in a year or so, with my grandma breaking her back, well I haven’t done anything for me. It’s not anyone’s fault, just mine and I own this. I know that I have a hard road to travel this time too, however I have to change a bit and put me in the front running. It will be hard because really other than a couple of people that understand, the rest request (really demand) that I am at their beck and call 24/7.

I wasn’t going to tell, I was going to keep this to myself but you know what I am human and I make tons of mistakes and I’ve let life get in the way so I’m going to tell and you’re going to take a deep breath and say to yourself WOW, how did she do that but than I am expecting you to help me, help myself get back into this healthy, love thyself way of life.

215.0 and a size 18!

So there you have it, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

What am I going to do about it today. I am going to drink my breakfast, I’m going to take the kids bowling, I’m going to eat lunch at the bowling alley and eat as healthy as I can, I’m going to come home and eat a salad for dinner and I’m going to log it all on myfitnesspal. I am going to take this all one day at a time.

I want a 2 day meal plan that I can repeat over and over. Something that is tasty and healthy and do able. So just normal everyday foods. This is my job for the weekend. I read also about a 5:2 diet, eat your normal healthy meals 5 days and than for 2 days cut the calories to 500. The two days are not in a row so I think I will be giving this a try.

I am going back to journaling. I read back in my book when I first embarked on my first really fitness journey and I have some things I need to remember, some things I’ve learned a bit more from. Life has really changed since then, I was a beginner empty nester that felt the world was going to collapse without Mike here 24/7. I thought him being 1500 miles away from home was going to kill me. Well I lived and now life has other huge issues to deal with, I can do it. I WILL DO IT!!! (with your help).

So it’s time.


Julies Challenge for January

Jill from Fitness Health and Happiness is hosting a Make a Change Challenge.
2014 Make a Change Challenge

This is copied directly from her blog. Click on the link above if you would like to join us.

2014 #MakeAChange Challenge

When does the challenge start?
==>    January 6, 2014
What is the challenge?
==> Commit to 21 days of a diet change of your choice. Challenge yourself. By challenge, I do not mean a competition or a “you must lose this much weight” effort. I mean, we come together in a positive, supportive, non-judgmental way to really make some changes that will positively influence your health.
Why should I join this challenge?==> Making total changes to your diet can be overwhelming. Making one small change for a short period of time is doable and may lead to feeling better and better health.
==> Obviously there’s no such thing as a perfect diet.  Biochemically, we’re all unique and have individual needs for how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat.  Not to mention the fact that there are social and psychological components to eating well.  We’re all here to do our best to find our individual best nutrition/lifestyle match

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Debs 14 Health Goals for 2014

(Ok, so Im long winded and couldnt seem to narrow this down to 14)
Started with 32. See full list here.

SPIRITUAL: YES, I do believe that Spiritual Health is very important!!
1. Read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
2. Prayer Journal. I used to do this, keep a prayer list. When did my life get so busy that I stopped?
3. Happiness Jar. At night before bed write down the best thing of the day. Even crappy days have a moment that was the least crappiest!! I wont keep it in a jar, probably in a notebook or on the computer!
4. I really want to say read my Bible every day, but Im afraid that wont happen. And that makes me feel guilty!!! SO I signed up for Proverbs 31 daily devotional. It will sent to my email address!!

5. Date night with husband once a month. I will have an empty nest in September. I need to get to know my husband again!

6. Care about my appearance (blog post coming!!)
7. DO NOT put myself down/talk down about myself. This post hit home. STOP the negative self talk!!!
8. Be in bed by 10:30!! My body is not as young as it used to be!!

9. Can chicken. This idea comes from Finding Joy in the Journey. I canned 10 lbs earlier this fall and it was WONDERFUL!! And I cant wait to do more!!! And have fun with recipes
10. One new veggie and fruit or veggie and fruite recipe a month.
11. 100 Days of Real Food.  I love this website and totally agree, but I find myself slipping quite a bit. Starting out with the 14 week mini challenges.
12. Can and freeze strawberries and blueberries.

13.  Use Full Length Workouts once a week on non running days.
14.  Use Shrinking Jeans workout Calendars for every month!!

15. Complete my first Marathon in October. I am registered!!!

MONEY: YES I consider this a Health goal!!
16. Stay on budget using Mary Hunts Debt Proof Living. I used her guide several years ago, and then decided I could do it myself.................. Im not going to actually join, I have her book, and the website has tons of calculators!!