Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Review

My week in review..............
Full of lots of excuses, a few reasons, and some tree tasting.

This past weekend my best friends daughter got married. Absolutely gorgeous wedding.  Every wedding I have ever been to has been very simple, nothing elaborate or elegant. WELL, this wedding was amazing!!!!
The outdoors brought inside. You can read a full post here.
Amber and I started at 8 AM on Saturday, and when we left at 3 PM, the big work was completed, but all the little details were still happening. She wanted a winter wonderland.

Last week I tried Spaghetti Squash. Didn't quite turn out like it hoped. BUT, I think it has potential and I will try it again.

I ate broccoli and celery and gagged!!! Why does it taste like Im eating trees, or grass, or some chlorophyll laden clump of nasty?  I did love the peanut butter that was on the celery, AND Im guessing the healthy of the celery was undone by the not so healthy of the peanut butter!! You can read more about that here.

To Donate
My daughter is preparing to leave me......... Shes going to be gone for 11 months on an amazing Mission Trip. We've been racking out brains for fundraisers!!! So far we've sold lots of cookies, and candy.  We've spring cleaned for someone. We are going to be having a breakfast for lunch meal after church one Sunday.  We are hoping to have a BINGO game night where people can win ThirtyOne bags and Tupperware. We are also hoping to have a virtual/real 5K later this spring. It all takes time, and organization!!
 I HATE to ask people for money!!! Here is part one
of her adventure. Part two will come next week!

OH YEAH, almost forgot to whine about my back. Two weeks ago at work I was lifting a box, and all the sudden I couldnt move! Thankfully, with a muscle relaxer and me NOT DOING ANYTHING strenuous or anything that slightly resembles exercise, its feeling better!! Every once in a while I feel a slight twinge. BUT, I was able to do some planks tonight and NOT feel like my breath was knocked out of me!! SO Friday I will try some running again!!! I am so very thankful it only lasted two weeks!! I know people who have been out of commission for a LONG time with back problems and I am very fortunate!!


  1. I hate it when blogger eats my comments.
    You have been beyond busy girl plus hurting too. It's hard to do everything everyone wants us too. Be sure to take care of yourself too. Maybe this weekend some rest time fitted in there some where's. I will work on your jewelry tomorrow and hopefully be able to send you out some goodies for you to sell. Hopefully it all goes.
    Take care my friend, blessings!!

  2. Oh Wow...I popped over to see the wedding pictures - what a lovely wedding!

  3. Yep! agreed! Broccoli is NASTY!