Thursday, January 9, 2014

Been reading and wondering….

I hear, I read, I listen, I wonder….all about these green smoothies. Since I’m working on coming up with a good, repeatable menu plan I thought about giving this a try. I have to figure out the calories and such but I am betting having one of these when I get back from driving, the other 1/2 before I head back to driving and a good dinner I should survive. I have read about people being hungry a couple of hours later so someone said add a bit of extra protein. I know I like fruit smoothies but green ones …. I’m going to try. Want to try with me and than tell your thoughts?

 Create your own yummy green smoothie with this awesome chart that breaks it all down.    —



  1. I've been thinking about going onto green smoothies. Let me know how you go.

  2. I love green smoothies! Word of advice, kale has a strong taste so I suggest starting out with spinach (really no taste at all!). I use a spinach, chard, beet top mix I got from walmart. start with fruit mixtures that you know you will like and then get progressively experimental. I also use frozen fruit that way you never have fruit go bad before you can use it. oh, and you can also freeze spinach so you can get a bunch at once.

  3. I use smoothies to replenish after a good exercise or run. I DONT like celery!!! I started with 1/2 Cup of Spinach and have worked up to two cups. I also add fruit to mine!! I like a sweeter taste. I usually use 2 C spinach, 1/2 banana, 1 tsp of peanut butter, and whatever else I have. I usually use frozen fruit because it gives an icy texture. I also ad d ice cubes.
    Start out with spinach first, like amber said, and then slowly add the other greens. THey have a stronger taste than spinach. AND like AMber said, you can freeze spinach!!! It looks funky, but doesnt change the taste!!

  4. I love smoothies. I don't have them often just because it's kind of a pain to clean the juicer. Ok, not really a pain, just time consuming. BUT, they are fabulous and give me an energy boost that lasts at least 4 hours.

  5. My sister is just starting green smoothies. She loves them!! One of these days I'll try them.