Friday, November 8, 2013

Debs week one

Well, what the poo!!! Im up .2 of a pound. (Ill get back to the poo in a minute!!!) Whats up with the gain?
I ate those salads all week long for lunch, and I GAIN?? Ok, Im not really ticked off!! (just kinda sorta) I also ate supper before 7PM each night. I did skip breakfast several times. AND I did NOT track in My Fitness Pal. SO, even tho I dont think I ate over 1300 calories a day, I have NO proof!!!

I ate salads every day for lunch!!
The beginning of the week my stomach was rumbly and noisy. The next few days I had GAS!!! and lets just say, I was VERY regular!! I hear thats what eating veggies does for you!! It did calm down by the end of the week, and IM NOT going to have a large salad tomorrow because I have a surprise half marathon on Sunday, and I DO NOT want to stop behind the tree!!!

Speaking of veggies, I also tried some spaghetti squash that someone at work had roasted. It was 'ok' and I could/will  get used to it, but there wasn't much flavor. My daughter loves this stuff, so I may need to find out what she adds to it after its baked. I kept thinking, boy this would be good fried............. Yeah, I know....... stop those thots!!!
Plank challenge thru Shrinking Jeans is going good. BUT, boy do my abs hurts!!! Today we are up to 45 seconds. I dropped at 42 seconds, the first time. I was NOT going to let my abs down, so I did it again (2 hours later) and I made it to 45!!! I look at that 3 minutes at the end of the month and I cringe!!!! I cant believe how fast I lost my core strength!!! Just a great reminder to stick to it!!

New challenge tomorrow!! Bring it on Julie!!!
Speaking of Julie, isnt she amazing!! Hard working, great mom and daughter and wife. Stacking and splitting wood!!! YEESH!!

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  1. I agree Julie is awesome! Don't worry about that tiny gain. I'm sure it is gas...haha. Hope your marathon goes well. I admire you for being able to run!
    You go girl!!