Saturday, November 16, 2013

Honesty is the best policy but embarrassing too….

So I said I wanted to get healthy. I said that I was going to track all my foods, measure them. I said I was going to do yoga, planks and fish flopping exercises. Well here we are starting week three and what have I done to get healthy? Almost nothing at all. I am finding that I don’t take the time to do all these things. I am finding I don’t have time to do all these things or at least I haven’t figured out what to do to do all these things. I want to give you an idea of my daily schedule and if you have any suggestions I’m game.

5:15 – Alarm goes off and I groan and get up. Mornings are not my favorite.

5:30 I’m dressed and heading out the door to feed the chickens and shovel coal in the stove.

5:45 back in for a container of yogurt, banana, take my pills and send a very quick email to my mama.

5:55 out the door for work.

9:30 done with my morning bus route and heading to my grandma to see what she needs me to do for the morning. Sometimes it’s laundry or vacuuming or dishes or just to visit.

11:00 go to my parents and pretty much do the same thing for them, see what they need. Yesterday it was spreading hay on the drain field last week it was 3 days of cutting, splitting and stacking wood. Sometimes it’s just a visit too.

12:30 home for lunch, my own chores and house work and time with the dogs.

1:45 back to work till 5:30

Home at 5:45 and doing the outside chores. Or like last night I went to Mike’s and we put up his new drapes and I didn’t get home till 8:00. Jim and I are remolding Mike’s room into my new sewing/craft room and we worked on that until 10:30 and to bed I went.

If I’m not doing some of this I have my best friend that her dad passed away and I’m helping them cleaning out her mama’s house. I help Kim or visit Kim a time or two a week and we get things done at her house. I have my own coal and wood to shovel, chickens to take care of, a house that needs attention and I also pick up activities for driving, like Tuesdays I drive bus all day for library day. On at least 2 times month on Saturdays I drive for basketball/hockey/volleyball/tennis…you know. I try and get on my computer a couple times a day to read blogs, post a post and read emails. We have two family members with cancer so I try hard to get my parents over to them for visits and helpings. I took my mama to Brainerd this week shopping between bus runs.

I just don’t know guys. The time for me is very limited and I’m just not sure what to do. I can not help my grandma, I can not help my parents, I help Mike and Kim but not all the time. I have to drive bus, it’s my living.

I need to cut things down into smaller bites I think. I have read that exercise doesn’t have to be in hour incumbents that 10 minute here or 10 minutes there work but than how do you get your heart rate up? UGH!!!!

So the scale says 209. Up one but down one and a half. That’s not enough to even count. I did use my menu this week but not all of it. Another UGH!!!

So I am just going to repeat all that has been challenge for next week and see just how it all can fit together. It has too because being fat is not good for me and surly not good for my mind. You should hear myself and all the nastiness that comes out. I do know that other people are busier than me and doing this. So I just need to find the way.

Exercise, menu, veggies, meditation that’s what will be my job for the coming week. If you do have ideas or comments or kicks in the butt, please tell me because maybe it’s just me and I’m not seeing something.

I hope that Deb did awesomely this week, one of us has to. Did you know that she did a marathon last weekend and ran a relay race? That woman can move and she’s exercising and working 12 hour days and has a family at home.

Okay, got to go shower, do my chores and head over to mom and dad’s to put down some tile and cut some carpet and than meet with an insurance lady at noon. Take care my friends. You truly are all amazing and wonderful and helpful. Thank you!!


  1. My dear friend!!! You do more physical labor in one day, than most do in a week!!! Laying tile, shoveling coal, splitting wood!! I know exercise is important to you, but you really do quite a bit!! Why not concentrate on food. You can NOT out exercise a bad diet!!! Yes, exercise is a must, not if you makes you exhausted!! If you find a day with extra time, then throw in 15 minutes of yoga stretches, or a great fast walk! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH CONCENTRATING ON FOOD FOR NOW!!!!! Love you!!!

  2. I totally agree with the above comment. Julie, it's not like you're lazy and do nothing with your time, you're more active and mobile than a lot of people I know. So if you find yourself with some spare time, then try and fit something in. But I would focus on the food first and get that down, and go from there. The important thing is to not do too much and overexert yourself.

  3. You have so much going on for everyone else and so little going on for your self. That is creating much stress and distress - and cortisol and stress create an unhealthy imbalance in our lives. How do you fix that? Only you have the answer. Good luck!

  4. Exactly what Deb and the other said.