Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 1 and 2 and plans for 3…..

I did do this yesterday but worked all day and than moved Mike into his new home so didn’t have time to post anything but here’s day 1 for me and today is day 2.

Don't step on it  100_1269

So that’s the official loud scream weight. Can’t change but sure can fix it.

Now Debs challenge for me is to weight my food and relearn what a portion is. Now yesterday I didn’t do any of that because everything I ate came in single portions. My oatmeal in a bag, my yogurt in a container, an apple, a personal pizza from the freezer section at 11:00 last night (yep, I know better but we were starving after moving Mike in and I wasn’t about to fix dinner at his house) and a glass of milk. But I didn’t have chips, I didn’t have cookies, I didn’t eat a single bit of left over Halloween candy so for the 1st day I wasn’t terrible. Not perfect but not terrible. I owe Deb two servings of veggies because I told her I’d take her challenge and times it by two so that means today I have to eat 4 servings of veggies, for me that’s nothing because I love my fruits and veggies. I also told her I’d do her plank challenge along side her and I found out I have lost everything in strength and muscle. So to do those 20 second planks, well it was an effort. I did two though and than about 50 minutes of beginner yoga and really all I did was start to learn the poses but it’s a start too. Gotta have a beginning to have a middle and an end.

So it’s day two already and I am home alone for another hour so am going to do some planks, some yoga, get dressed and head over to Mike’s to finish sprucing up his home and than return the moving trailer we borrowed. I’m not a computer person on Sundays, it’s just our family day, no TV unless watching a movie together, no computers, just some shopping, hiking, finishing up the yard and stuff for winter and being together so I won’t have another update until Monday but I promise to do my best to get that scale moving in the right direction. I promise to work on toning up again and getting back to the place I was 3 years ago. It’s time. He’s what I started with yesterday in the yoga, an interesting exercise but from all I’ve read it’s awesome so will give it a whirl and see. Now to work on that meditation….shut up brain.

yoga to startTake care my friends and have an awesome weekend. 


  1. Hey Julie!!! You're off to a spectacular start.

    I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and it said 168, which is 8 pounds more than I weighed three days ago. I was freaking out until Mr. Pea reminded me that I am still retaining a lot of fluids from the surgery. Duh. I knew that, because I have my wedding ring on a chain around my neck because my fingers are all swollen! The fluids are leaving quickly today, so by tomorrow I should be back to normal. LOL...lotsa pounds in a single day, but really nothing at all.

    I'm doing the plank challenge, too. It's never my stomach that gives out in a long plank, it's usually my wrists or shoulders.

    See you on Monday!

  2. So proud of you Julie!!! Planks are hard!! I have to keep reminding myself that everything we do revolves around our core!! SO, Its hard work, but I have to do it!! AND 50 minutes of yoga!! WOW!!! Proud of you!!!
    How does Mike like his house?

  3. Ok, so I forgot about this challenge. I was sick all week and was just focusing on getting rid of this awful cough. But NOW I'm better and NOW I will join you. Like I told Debbie, I feel totally out of control and really need a "slap in the face", so I can focus on myself again.

  4. Julie, GA is Dail. We are living together to share expenses but not reconciling. His mother would make his life miserable if she found out and I suspect she is reading my blog. We are going to stay here until the house is ready to sell. If living together works out then we will find a smaller place together. The place where Nick and I were living was really bad and Dail decided to get us out of there. It was his idea and he helped us move.