Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Food challenge

Julie is an amazing lady with a LOT on her plate!! OK, maybe thats a bad analogy! Shes a lady with a LOT going on in her life!! 

Focusing on food and exercise and sleep is overwhelming! To much change all at once. When you're overwhelmed its easy to give up! You feel like a failure. Then you end up back where you started, or even worse.

ONE thing at a time. Gradually adding something new. We are a society of I want it NOW. We have fast food, drive thrus, loans rather than saving. Instant gratification.
Weight loss isnt instant. It takes time!! One step at a time! That first success will push you to the next success!!!

SO, for this week and probably the next few weeks, Julie is being challenged to focus on food.
Portion control. Food makeup..ie.. carbs, sugars, proteins, portions,

We are using My Fitness Pal, and we have opened our diaries to each other. This week, be honest, write it all down. If you eat three donuts for breakfast, WRITE IT DOWN!! No cheating on the journal. It only harms yourself! And we have agreed to be honest with each other. What do we notice about the diary, the good the bad and the ugly.

And plan. I used to have a food journal and and exercise journal that I used every day. No idea why I stopped. Last week Marc showed his journal in a post, and it triggered and AHAHA moment!! Get back to what worked!!!


  1. One thing at a time. One baby step after the next.

  2. Ah ha! Well...I do it old school ;)