Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 2 ….Julie's update...

Well I was suppose to put in a linky do hicky so that we can link us all together but I can’t find the linky tool I use to use so for this week can you just leave a comment with your thoughts, ideas, weight loss, help, anything you think will help us get back on track and learning along the way.
This week I am challenging Deb to making a menu, meal plan, and sticking to it. Really there’s a bigger reason for it, since I do the same challenge I give to Deb I too will make up a menu and stick to it. At least I’ll try. I really have issues when it comes to that. Since I am the only one that eats breakfast, Mike might come home for lunch and again I am the only one that eats supper and fixing one meal is not something I like to do. I would rather eat oatmeal, cold cereal, a piece or two of toast or just skip it all together than fix a real meal. But that is how I’ve gotten to where I am now so tomorrow I will start working on a menu. I don’t shop until Sunday so will work with what I have here. How to cook for one? Ideas?
So this week the scale says: Tilt. I was doing so good at the beginning of the week and than I had mama and daddy over for dinner, Mike and I had a pot luck with friends, I made dinner for my grandma and than stayed and ate with her and all these meals were not a diet type meal. I did eat lots of veggies and I did get lots of exercise in but not enough to make that scale move. Well it moved but only to 209. I can’t take a picture I have to charge the camera and with having Mike just moved out our house has exploded and I can’t find anything right now.
So it’s week two and a chance to try and do better. More yoga practice, more planks, meal planning, and just getting my act together.
I found this and I really need to get excited. Being healthy is what I want.
Take care my friends and here’s to a successful week.

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  1. Yeah, the excited part is what is missing here too. It helps so much to give me that extra push I need to focus and be strong. But we can encourage each other and keep on fighting!
    We CAN do this.
    I will start using MFP this week too. It really can help!
    Our "dinner" over here is at lunch time. So that makes it easy for me. We eat big at lunch and supper I usually don't eat big. Hubby eats leftovers from lunch and I make myself a sandwich or some fruit with joghurt.