Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Julie’s New Years ideas …..

So the time has come to put my mind into my health and get back to the 180’s and feel better. I’ve been doing some research, reading my old notes and thinking a lot.
Since this is 2014. Here’s my 14….
1. Skip the sugar. I will keep eating fruits because I need the vitamins they have.
2. Since I’m a milk baby and can’t give that up…my bones need it. A woman in her 50’s needs 1,500 mg. Almond milk is good for me so I’ll use that mostly.
3. Cold cereal. YUMMY!!!! Yes I know, it’s high in everything and if you can’t stick to one serving it’s really bad. So since I love cold cereal I will learn to eat one serving with almond milk. One serving is not filling but it will have to be. Hungry isn’t bad.
4. Regular meals and eating them slowly.
5. Planning, meal planning that is. I’ve got to do this and stick to it.
6. Sleep, I know we’re suppose to get 8 hours a day, I can’t manage to get more than 7 hours each night and those 7 hours are full of nightmares, night sweats and hoot owling (sleeplessness). Menopause I think… any ideas about that?
7. Exercise. It’s important, I know. So I’m working on a doable schedule. Blocks of 10 minutes instead of 30-60 at a time.
8. Stress, worry, panic, upset ….. a constant in my life for the past few months. I can’t change the situations, not possible, but I can change the way I handle them. I don’t know how yet but will learn.
9. I need to get back to crafting. It’s awesome for my mind and soul and even my body because it can just relax and enjoy.
10. Myfitnesspal….going to use it every single day.
11. The stupid, I hate it scale. Once a week, no sneak peeking, no ignoring it either. Fridays will be my day, just like Deb and I started before and will keep it up. So January 3rd I will step on it, record it and move on.
12. Money, I know it’s not a health thing but really it is. We are in debt, not tiny debt either. We work very hard to pay our bills and stay current. We are not foolish people and buy things we don’t need and we no longer use credit cards it’s pay as you go. But I would love to figure out a budget.
13. Fingernails, you know those pretty things lots of ladies have, I want them. That means keeping my fingers out of my mouth. When I’m tired, nervous, stressed they seem to get bitten off.
14. Smile, enjoy, and just be the best me I can be.
Deb and I are going to start our challenges back up for each other too. We’ll start them back up on Friday the 3rd. Please join us as we embark on this new year with new vim and vigor.
Blessings to you all in this new 2014 year.


  1. Good luck to you both. I wish you the best.

  2. I think this is a good list. Some things in your life are really hard, and you are so strong standing against them. I'm cheering for you friend!!

  3. Cold Cereal? Supplement with a scrambled egg or an apple. I agree...prescribed servings of cold cereal are stingy!

    That sleep thing? TOTALLY menopause and declining estrogen. Well, maybe not totally, because I'm not your Doctor (hahaha) but menopause is likely a major contributor. Since the hysterectomy threw me into instant menopause, I've had trouble sleeping, something that I have Never Ever had issues with in my entire life. (Husband says I really do sleep like a rock.) My oncologist prescribed me some sleep meds for when I get really desperate for rest, but for the most part I try to rest without them. I have found the following helpful.
    1. Cut back on the caffeine.
    2. Spicy food...only at lunchtime, not for dinner. Speaking of dinner, eat it earlier instead of 30 minutes before bedtime.
    3. Comfy cotton pajamas for night sweats, and keep the room cooler. Pile blankets on husband's side of the bed.
    4. Make an effort to wind down long before bedtime. Wash face, put on pajamas and sit and knit or read something entertaining (not technical) way before bedtime. Don't try to finish up chores. They can - and will - wait until tomorrow.
    5. Don't panic if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Laying still and resting quietly in the dark is still helpful to the body.
    6. Happily Wait. All things come to an end, and menopause symptoms will eventually stop. In the meanwhile, I'll keep praying, and roll withe power-surges (hot flashes) and the emotional roller coaster!

  4. I LOVE cereal!! :) Just thought I'd say that.

    Good goals, Julie!! Good luck. :)

  5. Goals are a fantastic tool! Good luck!!