Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting ready?

So November 1st is 3 days away and what am I doing to prepare for this most awesome adventure Deb and I are going to embark on? Well I had big plans to be ready set go but like it seems more and more I am behind. It won't stop me though cuz it's time to give back all I've lost (gained really) and more.
My computer won't let me do much right now so am using my tablet and the stuff I had saved for the start of this will just be a bit behind.
Deb and I are going to challenge each other each week with something new or something we need to work on. My 1st challenge for Deb is to eat at least 1 large serving of vegetables a day. I love veggies, Deb not so much so that is her challenge and I will make sure I get them too times two.
I will see what Deb has up her sleeve for me and I will make a side bar with our running challenges. Everyone is welcomed to join us and also give us ideas for more challenges. They will get harder as we go.
I had to quit my gym so exercising at home will be on the agenda 4 times a week, 30 minutes each time to start. I so want to learn yoga so will begin that along with normal fish flopping exercises. Maybe I can find a beginner DVD, a vey beginner since I know nothing about yoga.
So 3 days to the start, want to join us?


  1. Great mini challenge. I will count my veggies too. :) It will be fun to see if I can do your challenges with you.

    PS working out at home is the BEST! There are tons of youtube videos out there for FREE.


  2. Looking forward to see what you two come up with!